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An eclectic collection of brevity poetry by Janet Thomas, with illustrations by Janet and her daughter Vanessa Langsam.

The book can be ordered here.

Below are some samples from the collection.

Irish Equine Royalty

Palace grounds
of Irish equine royalty
are reverently quiet and still;
only softly muted sounds
as thoroughbreds
grace manicured surrounds.

The ambiance is Japanese,
a tranquil oriental garden;
willows weep into ponds,
and pink cherry blossom trees
adorn this nursery of bloodlines
bred for centuries.

A peaceful place
where history is conceived,
born in warm boxes,  
then raised at a steady pace,
while owners dream
of winning a classic race –

A Derby or Oaks, perhaps the Arc;
not forgetting that it all began
in the beautiful Hibernian park.

Horse 05

Behind The Gates

Air is electric,
horses on their toes,
in a psychedelic swirl,
on the bit;
frenzied eyes glaring,
hides gleaming,
nostrils flaring –
the battle ahead.

They start loading,
a cacophony erupts –
whips cracking,
stalls clanging,
light flashing.

they’re off!

The Kelpies

Ancient spirits
haunt lochs and streams.

In deep Caledonia,
morning mist floats
o’er tranquil loch,
an imposing beast’s home;
still water erupts
in a seething foam
and Kelpies bursts forth,
sleek hides shimmering
silver and black.

Softly they’ll whisper
come hither,
rest upon my wither;
at your own peril
climb onto one’s back,
he will safely
carry you over the wave
then take you down
to a watery grave!

Water horses
haunt Celtic dreams.

The Kelpies B&W
Golden-winged Warbler

Terra Firma

Winter whistles a sombre strain
and chills the bleak, barren terrain;
lain down by his frosty hand,
a stark white coat blankets the land.

Joyful Spring sings a sanguine call;
pink cherry blossom petals fall,
tumble and twist in the balmy breeze –
scatter rosy rugs beneath the trees.

Summer’s seductive serenade looms
with splashes of flamboyant blooms;
she spreads a carpet of green turf –
a lush covering o’er the earth.

But I long for Autumn’s sultry sigh;
for forests aflame as ruddy leaves fly,
cascading into crisp, Carmen quilts –
tapestries woven as Summer wilts.


Rainforest Reverence

Nature’s chapel;
cavernous and cool,
moistened by misty haze,
a ceiling of tree fern’s
lacy fronds filtering rays
onto a mossy floor.

The rainforest speaks;
faint echoes of a lyrebird
as he chants his mimic medley,
sharp crack when a whip bird calls,
tinkling of icy creeks,
muted rumble of the falls.

Ancient and pristine;
tall timbers tower high above
the wetted halls
of green cathedrals
where hallowed cloisters
purify our precious air.